Mission & Vision


At the Golden Age Circle We look at Special Care in a new way.

Everyday, we aim to live our Vision of:

Creating a Strong Support System for our clients so that they can feel empowered, engaged, independent and safe in the comfort of their own homes and community.

We strive to bring all the comforts of assisted living facilities to our clients own homes and lives.

Our approach to wellness is holistic, meaning that we look beyond the physical care and into the intangible areas of wellness; driving us to meet the needs of our clients as a whole and enhancing their “Happiness” factor.

Through our work we’re also aiming to transform the way our society views elderly care, disability care, mental health care and mother & child care.

Our innovative methods of care are dedicated to supporting our clients at their most vulnerable stages in life.

Our Vision of Changing the Assumptions of how we as a society view Special Care becomes real through the tireless work of our team members and that is why we go through an intense process to hire the right people and provide them with professional development and other opportunities.

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The Golden Age Circle’s Mission Statement Informs of the work we do everyday :

The Golden Age Circle is an integrated system committed towards serving, supporting and enriching the lives of our clients through wholesome wellness methods and daily support for the elderly, physically challenged, emotionally challenged, mothers with newborns and their families/guardians through our special care services, education, innovation and a network of professionals, partners and communities.

We Focus on Personalized Care Plans: We understand that each of our clients are unique individuals and come to us with their own unique needs and criteria, so we make sure that we hear you out first, understand your needs before we thoughtfully make a plan for you that meets all your expectations and needs.

We focus on Holistic Wellness: Ours is a person-centered Approach, meaning we’re dedicated to addressing all dimensions of wellness, which leads to happy & healthy clients.

We focus on professional development of our teams: We hire great people and invest in their training, so that they deliver greater results.

We focus on empowering and engaging our clients: Through our personalized care plans we aim to holistically empower and engage our clients in a way that fosters engagement, independence, good health and happiness.

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