Quality. Trust. Reliability.

We know when it comes to special care for you and your loved ones; it’s not about the price or the quantity but the Trustworthiness, the Quality and the Reliability of the services you receive. We go The EXTRA Mile.

Thoroughly Verified. Well Trained Staff.

All our staff goes through an intensive background check. They are well trained in their specific fields of service and follow a professional code of conduct, to provide you with the best experience.

Comfortable On The Pocket.

We understand that sometimes the cost can be a constraint in making a final decision, therefore we try to help you with a personalized plan that will fit well within your budget, and without any compromise on quality of the services we offer.

We Can Relate.

We’re on this journey with you. Our Founders themselves have lived abroad and/or in cities away from their parents and understand that feeling of responsibility. So they are on a mission to efficiently tackle this issue.

We Value Your Trust.

We know that trusting another with your needs isn’t easy, that is why we go through a thorough process of first understanding our customers and their specific needs before deciding on a suitable service plan and its implementation.

We Give Back.

Everytime you allow us to serve you, we act as a good samaritan by dedicating a part of our earnings to support the needy. Our team has worked to help Covid Positive Patients, providing them with required resources, free of charge.

Why Choose Our Services?

  • We Offer Personalized Plans Based on your Unique needs and Requirements that promise services that are Reliable, Trustworthy and Comfortable on the Pocket. We make sure all our staff, vendors and partners are well trained and verified and that they also hold the same values as us dear to their hearts.
  • All our Services Promise to be the best in class in their fields Locally.
  • Our Doctors and other Consultants are thoroughly experienced, we choose experts from various parts of India who can help you and we connect them to you depending on your needs.
  • We Hope to Provide you with Our 360 degree solutions to your problems, so that you, our client, can rest assured that you and your loved ones are in good hands.